Heater STHT150

Heating capacity 150W; dimensions HxWxD 220x63x70mm

Features Unit STHT150 Heating Capacity* W 150 Power supply V 110-250V AC or DC Inrush current A 9.5 Delayed fuse (advised) A 10 Heating element type - PTC resistor self regulating Electrical connections - 2 screw terminals for stranded or rigid wire 2.5 mm² Protection class IEC - Class II Protection degree EN60529 - IP20 Operating temperature °C (°F) -45/+70 (-49/+158) Storage temperature °C (°F) -45/+80 (-49/+176) Radiator - Extruded aluminium profile with plastic cover Mounting - Clip for mounting on DIN rail 35 mm EN50022 Installation position - Best efficiency in vertical position Dimensions HxWxD mm 220x63x70 Weight kg 0.66 Conformity - CE – UL cruus *at 20°C (68°F) ambient temperature


with integrated fixed thermostat NC 5°C STHT150T


Thermostat NC 0-60°C THR2 Double thermostat NC 0-60°C NO 0-60° THRV22 Hygrothermostat 0-60°C 30-90%RH ETUH22 Hygrostat 10-90%RH MUH