Compact High Efficiency Enclosure Lamp


Lamp fitted with Schuko socket and switch, it can be mounted with clips on DIN rail, on a bracket (ALFASTAFF) with screws or with magnetic fixing.
It fits exactly one 19” height/unit (44 mm).

Codice Funzioni Montaggio Alimentazione
LAMPCP22+CLIP Lamp with socket clip mounting 230W/50Hz
LAMPCP22+MAGN Lamp with socket magnet mounting 230W/50Hz
LAMPCP22+STAF Lamp with socket bracket mounting 230W/50Hz
LAMPSP22+CLIP Lamp without socket clip mounting 230W/50Hz
LAMPSP22+MAGN Lamp without socket magnet mounting 230W/50Hz
LAMPSP22+STAF Lamp without socket bracket mounting 230W/50Hz
ALFASTAFF Bracket for lamp
ALFAMAGNETE Magnet for lamp